CS Lab Information

Below is information on:

Accessing the Computer Science Labs

Students need to have their ID cards encoded for access in order to get in to the major computer science lab. Only declared CS Majors may have access to this space. 

Computer Science Account Access 

Students are automatically provisioned accounts on the CS instructional network if they are registered for a course with programming as part of the syllabus. These accounts remain active for the duration of the course and are automatically disabled at the completion of the semester.

Students officially declaring their Computer Science (CS) major will also be provisioned an account on the CS instructional network. Accounts for declared majors will persist until the student graduates or leaves the program.

Students registered for CSC172 or below will use campus IT computers to complete their course work.

Students that meet the requirements for receiving a CS instructional account should visit the website https://accounts.csug.rochester.edu to verify their account access. Access to this website is limited to on-campus addresses and the university VPN.

SSH access to department hosts is limited to the machines cycle1.csug.rochester.edu, cycle2.csug.rochester.edu, cycle3.csug.rochester.edu and cycle4.csug.rochester.edu. To access these machines via ssh you must be on-campus or connected to the university VPN. To access specialty machines on the CS instructional network (ie GPU machines, hadoop machines, etc) you must first connect to one of the "cycle" machines.

Wireless Networks

There is no undergraduate wireless network. You may be able to use the University UR_Connected wireless network however. Here is a link to University IT’s instructions: http://www.rochester.edu/it/wireless/.

Subscribing and Unsubscribing to Seminars

When logged into a computer in one of the CS labs you can access the web interface to manage your subscriptions at: https://www.cs.rochester.edu/mailman/listinfo/seminar.

You will not be able to access that link from outside the firewall. To subscribe via email from outside the department send an email to seminar-join@cs.rochester.edu (subject and body of the email is ignored). You will receive a confirmation email. Reply to that message to subscribe.

To unsubscribe via email from outside the department send an email to seminar-leave@cs.rochester.edu (subject and body of the email is ignored). You will receive a confirmation email. Reply to that message to unsubscribe.

Disk Quota

You should receive an email message if you are approaching your quota. If your disk quota is exceeded you may not be able to login and will have to report the problem to receive assistance.

Clearing your browser cache, removing core dump files, and emptying your trash folder regularly can help keep your disk usage down.

Broken Lab Equipment

Students who find broken or malfunctioning equipment in the lab should report it via email to labstaff@cs.rochester.edu.

UNIX and Man Page

All of our workstations currently run Fedora Linux. Here is a link explaining some basic Linux command line commands: http://mally.stanford.edu/~sr/computing/basic-unix.html.

If you know the name of a command but want to know how to use it you can use 'man' to pull up the man page (manual page).

Example: man ls

This will display the manual page for the 'ls' command