CS Student Wins Best Student Paper Award at 2023 IEEE International Conference on Digital Health

July 14, 2023

Patrick (Jingyuan) Chen, a rising CS junior working in Professor Jiebo Liu's research group, has won the Best Student Paper Award after giving a presentation in person in Chicago last week at the IEEE International Conference on Digital Health (ICDH).  He was the only undergraduate student in the invitation-only Student Research Competition. Yuan Yao, a first-year PhD student in Professor Liu's research group, is the second author of the paper with collaborators from URMC (Maiken Nedergaard) and Copenhagen University in Denmark.
The paper is entitled "sDREAMER: Self-distilled Hierarchical Mixture of Modality Experts Transformer are Efficient Mice Sleep Learners".
Patrick was also a winner of the Phi Beta Kappa O'Brien Book Award back in March 2023.