Leveraging Computing and Cognition to Tackle Climate Change

May 22, 2023


Side by side headshots of PhD student Adiba Proma, left, and Associate Professor Ehsan Hoque, right.

In a fascinating piece for the National Academies of Engineering (NAE), two Hajim School researchers explore the potential for using computing to help promote eco-friendly lifestyles. Computer science PhD student Adiba Proma and Associate Professor Ehsan Hoque authored an invited paper for NAE Perspectives along with Robert Wachter, the Holly Smith Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Department of Medicine at University of California, San Francisco.

The researchers suggest that we can help people reduce their carbon footprint by using the same design principles behind apps to inspire people to exercise, eat healthily, and sleep well. By altering three habits—consuming a more plant-based diet, opting to walk or bike instead of driving occasionally, and washing clothes with cold water—we can decrease our annual carbon footprint by 6.1%.

Learn more by reading the full article at the NAE website.