Nabil Hossain


I am a 5th year PhD student advised by Prof. Henry Kautz in the Computer Science Dept at the University of Rochester. My broad research interests are in the intersection of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. I am deeply interested in text generation and its applications on creativity. I also work on identifying online hate speech and personal attacks.

Prior to coming to Rochester, I spent a year in Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago (TTIC), where I worked on Spoken Term Detection in low-resource languages, advised by Prof. Karen Livescu and Prof. Greg Shakhnarovich.

I am on the job market for academic and industry positions. Here's my CV.

PhD Internships

Facebook AI Research
Seattle WA
Summer 2019
Amazon Alexa AI
Seattle WA
Summer 2018
Microsoft Research
Redmond WA
Winter 2018
Microsoft Research
Redmond WA
Summer 2017


Apr 4, 2020    2 papers accepted at ACL 2020, 1 paper accepted at ICWSM 2020.
Mar 13, 2020    Interviewed on ATN Bangla TV about higher education. See here.
Feb 7-12, 2020    In NYC to attend AAAI 2020.
Dec 24, 2019    Discussed our ongoing FunLines humor contest in a TV News interview.
Dec 15, 2019    Launched FunLines, a humor contest where players write and rate funny headlines. Play to win prize money! Contest ends Jan 25, 2020.
Jun 1, 2019    Hosting SemEval-2020 Shared Task 7 on estimating the funniness of edited news headlines. Competition runs till March 8, 2020. Participate to win!
Mar 17, 2016    Our research on alcohol consumption detection via Twitter went viral in the news: MIT Tech Review, CBS News, Tech Insider, Mashable, UofR NewsCenter, Gizmodo, PC Magazine, Digital Trends, IBTimes UK, Ars Technica, Tech Times and many more.

Selected Papers [Google Scholar]


  • Spring 2019
    • CS 449: Machine Vision (Instructor: Chenliang Xu)
  • Spring 2016
    • CS 484: Advanced Algorithms (Instructor: Daniel Stefankovic)
    • CS 455: Software Analysis and Improvement (Instructor: Chen Ding)
  • Fall 2015
    • CS 400: Problem Solving Seminar (Instructor: Randal Nelson)
    • CS 448: Statistical Speech and Language Processing (Instructor: Dan Gildea)
    • CS 486: Computational Complexity (Instructor: Lane Hemaspaandra)
  • Completed at TTIC
    • TTIC 31010: Algorithms (Instructor: Julia Chuzhoy)
    • TTIC 31020: Introduction to Statistical Machine Learning (Instructor: Greg Shakhnarovic)


2205 Wegmans Hall
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY

email: nhossain [at] cs [dot] rochester [dot] edu