CSC 293 CS IMPROVES: Tools for 3D Printed Manufacturing


CSC 293 CS IMPROVES: Tools for 3D Printed Manufacturing
Sreepathi Pai
MW 9:00-10:15 Hylan 203
F 9:00-10:15 Gavett 312
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Wegmans 3409
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CS IMPROVES is about applying computer science to create novel technology. Students will work in teams to solve problems and produce artifacts for real-world use.

In Fall 2023, we will focus on tools to improve the production of 3D printed open-source hardware (OSHW). Using techniques from computational geometry and algorithms for CAD/CAM, computer graphics and animation, AR/VR, and programming languages, we will make it easier for people to build, document, reuse, and remix 3D printed open source hardware. Programming maturity expected, experience with 3D printing not required.

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Major Goal: Learn to develop computer-science-based technology

Minor Goal: Learn 3D printing


CSC173 and at least two of CSC252, CSC254, CSC242, CSC280, CSC282.


This is a project-based course and all credit will be divided up into activities revolving around the project

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