LSDSem'17 Shared Task

Our shared task is the Story Cloze Test. This test is one of the recent proposed frameworks on learning commonsense/procedural knowledge, which introduces a new evaluation for story understanding and script learning. In this test the system reads a four-sentence story along with two alternative endings, then it is tasked with choosing the correct ending to the story. Story Cloze Test requires systems to link various levels of semantics to commonsense knowledge for successful narrative understanding. We encourage using a variety of resources and any training corpora of your choice, not only the ROCStories, for tackling the Story Cloze Test.


Visit ROCStories page for more information about the Story Cloze Test.

More information regarding the Shared Task will be provided in the news section!. Any questions? Please contact: nasrinm [at] cs [dot] rochester [dot] edu.