iPhone Development Workshop

(August 2-4, 9:30am to 4:30pm, CSB 601)


Learn iPhone Dev this Summer

Anyone with basic programming experience is welcome!!

This workshop on will cover the main topics in mobile application development and iPhone application development over 3 intensive days. Approximately half of this time will be devoted to instruction, both by Professor Bigham and other experienced iPhone developers in the University community, and several outside speakers. The other half will be devoted to hands-on experience with iPhone programming with the support of a large number of teaching assistants (we will maintain a 3::1 student::teacher ratio). Unfortunately, we had to cancel the full course offering due to low enrollment, but this workshop will happen regardless of enrollment.

You can take this course either on the University of Rochester campus or remotely. All lectures will be distributed on the web and will be broadcast using Adobe Connect and video of lectures will be put online. Instructors will be available during lab periods on Skype.

Taking for Credit

If you are an undergraduate at the University of Rochester and want to take this workshop for course credit, you can do that. In addition to the workshop, you'll need to register for 4 credits of independent study during Fall 2010 in which you will continue working with Professor Bigham to apply what you've learned in the development of your own iPhone application. During that time, you'll continue to get support in your application development, and, of course, you'll own the rights to whatever application you create. Who knows, maybe it'll be the next hottest app on the app store!


Registration costs are as follows:

StatusRegistration Fee

To register, please fill in your information on the registration form and either give your registration fee to Marty Guenther in CSB 734 or mail it to:

Marty Guenther
University of Rochester, Computer Science
P.O. Box 270226
Rochester, NY 14627

Please make checks payable to the University of Rochester


Contact jbigham@cs.rochester.edu with questions.

Please email Jeffrey P. Bigham at jbigham@cs.rochester.edu with questions.

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