Joint PhD Degrees

The University has a procedure for joint PhD degrees between two departments, one major department and one minor department.  Programs can be designed according to the individual student's area, and must be approved by both departments and the dean of graduate studies.  For more information, see the section "Joint or Interdisciplinary Doctor of Philosophy Degrees" of the University of Rochester Graduate Bulletin.  Students must first be admitted into one of the departments, and then find a secondary advisor and complete a subset of the ordinary PhD requirements for the second department.  Potential students interested in this option are advised to discuss it with their primary department at the time of applying to the PhD program.

For students wishing to concentrate in AI with Computer Science as their minor department, the following standard requirements have been established (all courses should be completed with a B or better):

  1.  Complete CSC 444 (Knowledge Representation and Reasoning in Artificial Intelligence) or CSC 446 (Mathematical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence).
  2. Complete at least one  of: CSC 444, CSC 446, CSC 447 (Natural Language Processing), CSC 448 (Statistical Speech and Language Processing), or 449 (Machine Vision) not taken under (1), or some other non-seminar course by petition.
  3. Complete at least one more 400 or 500 level Computer Science course, seminars allowed.
  4. Pass the Computer Science AI area exam, which involves writing an area paper surveying a research area and/or discussing original research, and taking an oral exam covering the topics in the paper as well as general background in AI. More information about the AI area exam can be found here

Students wishing to concentrate in other areas of Computer Science as a minor should contact relevant faculty members to design an individual program.  The individual program must be approved by the faculty of the Computer Science Department.