Hammurabi Mendes

Postdoctoral Associate at the University of Rochester

I am a postdoctoral associate in Computer Science at the University of Rochester, working with Michael Scott. My research focuses on concurrency and synchronization, large-scale data processing, and distributed protocol design. My Ph.D. thesis centered on the computability of distributed tasks subject to Byzantine failures, and applied tools borrowed from combinatorial topology and geometry to address the problem.

In recent work, a concurrent priority queue was conceived by integrating techniques such as elimination, flat combining, and delegation. In the theoretical side, necessary and sufficient conditions for non-trivial Byzantine distributed computability have been identified using tools from combinatorial topology, and novel protocols for approximate agreement (with applications to robotics) have been developed using tools from combinatorial geometry. For more information, see my research page.


Last semester I taught CSCI 0931 (Spring 15) at Brown University. Check the class webpage here!

I am also an enthusiastic, but definitely amateur, runner and biker. Both activities were specially pleasant in the beautiful city of Providence, Rhode Island, and are now equally enjoyable in the city of Rochester, New York, where I currently live. Originally, I come from Brasília, Brazil, my special place. I am deeply interested in photography, good wine and beer, and also interested in Modern architecture, and art nouveau.