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Undergraduate Program

BS/MS Program in Computer Science

The BS/MS Program allows undergraduate students to complete both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science (CS) in five years. Students in this program will complete of all undergraduate requirements and some of the graduate requirements in the first 4 years. The fifth year is then devoted to graduate courses, research, and a final exam, thesis or equivalent.

This program is well suited for students with AP or transfer credits who wish to do CS research or desire a MS degree in CS.

Scholarships may be available for up to 50% of tuition cost.

Getting Started 

Students planning on participating in this program should get advice on course scheduling prior to junior year and should discuss their intention with an advisor in their junior year, though no official paperwork needs to be completed at that time.

Aspiring BS-MS students must find a CS faculty MS advisor before applying. The MS advisor will supervise and advise the student in research and course work.

The application must contain a specific proposal for MS examination or final project, agreed to by the advisor. The faculty advisor helps design the strategy for and specifics of the student's program of study. Once the proposal is accepted by the CS faculty MS advisor, it must be sent to the graduate coordinator.

A Program of Study form must be submitted to the College before the first term of graduate matriculation, usually before the fifth year.

Aspiring students are strongly encouraged to take 400 level courses as part of their undergraduate degree coursework. There are enough graduate courses to complete 30 credits without taking both the 200 and 400 level versions of any course.  Only 10 credits taken while an undergraduate are eligible to be used toward your graduate program however.

Applying to the BS/MS Program

Applicants will follow the same application steps as traditional graduate students with a few differences:

  • GREs are not required
  • Of the minimum two letters of recommendation, we expect at least one to be from the MS advisor
  • The proposal application should be submitted to the CS faculty MS advisor before July 1 prior to their senior year, and once approved sent to the graduate coordinator
  • After the proposal application is accepted and submitted, a formal application to the CS MS program should be submitted: see the graduate application page