Presentation Guide

Each week, one student will present and lead discussion on the assigned paper. Each presenter will prepare a 30 minute talk, which must be emailed to the professor before class. The presenter will lead an additional 30 minute discussion. The presenter will prepare questions for an in depth analysis of the paper and/or questions stemming from the paper. For weeks you prepare a presentation, you are not responsible for a critique.

Specifically, the presenter should:

  • Prepare at most 15 slides.
  • Include the strengthns and weaknesses of the paper.
  • Prepare discussion questions.

I will evaluate your talk on a ten point scale. There is one bonus point available. Most talks will receive a ten. You will be evaluated as follows:

  • 4 points - Clearly presented key ideas from paper (teaching/explaining skills).
  • 3 points - Clear, well organized slides (organizational and slide preparation skills).
  • 3 points - Simulated interesting discussion (higher order thinking).
  • 1 point - Beyond my high expectations in some area of analysis, presentation, background, etc.

The evaluation metrics are credited to Kathryn McKinley's CS395T at UT Austin.