Human Computer Interaction

CSC 212/412, Fall 2012

(Monday and Wednesday, 3:25-4:40pm, Georgen 109)

Human Computer Interaction

This course will explore the design, implementation, and evaluation of user interfaces. Students will study theoretical methods of interface design and evaluation, including requirements gathering, usability heuristics, user interface inspections, usability studies, information visualization, and prototyping. Case studies of interface successes and failures will augment theory with practical experiences. Students will apply this methodology to assignments in the design, implementation, and evaluation cycle. Students taking this course at the graduate level will have additional readings and assignments.

Prerequisite: CSC 171 or permission of instructor. Programming experience is assumed, and will be required for the projects. Projects will primarily be done in HTML/CSS/Javascript. Introductory primers will be provided, but students without web programming experience may need to spend extra time.


No book.

We will use a variety of articles, book chapters, and online resources on the schedule. Interested students are encouraged to get a copy of the following great books and read more about HCI:

Please email Jeffrey P. Bigham at with questions.

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